Monday, September 1, 2008

Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm. - Publilius Syrus (c.42 B.C.)

Happy Labor Day, everybody. It was another glorious day, and I got my swimming in. The pool was lovely - crystal clear, and the day was beautiful - mid 80's with no humidity, and Dad - bless him - heated the pool for us - it was warmer than the air when we got out - just wonderful. The picnic was great - everything tasted good - Dad was the chef dujour, and we all contributed a dish. No pictures, though - camera batteries took that moment to run low, and I had to come home and charge them. Butch held up well - and, when we came home, he rested in the recliner on the patio for awhile then took a walk around the yard - by himself, without my bugging him to do it! I am so happy at that sign of progress.

When we were young, we went to the Greene Fair every Labor Day. The whole Family went for many years - From Grandma & Grandpa down to the Aunts, Uncles, & Cousins! We continued to go until the last few years - I think we took Alex when she was just a baby. It was always fun - we would usually stop in to the Corner Restaurant - it is another name now, I believe, then go to the midway (well - a pretty small midway!), then sitting on a blanket watching the fireworks -Doesn't everyone love fireworks? When my Grandparents were alive, we would have a big family picnic, followed by the trek to Greene, and then - school the next day. In those days, school started the very next day - now the kids get a break, I believe. Thinking back, that was a lot of fun. I miss that - I think we will go to the Greene Fair next year - how about it ?

Well - off to make a Dragon Slayer. Oh yes - I thought his voice sounded much stronger this morning - it has been so weak, and I want to hear it the way I am accustomed to hearing it. Hopefully it will get stronger each day. The theory we are working on - 5 or 6 small meals instead of 3 big ones - seems to be working. He can drink his Dragon Slayer while he watches the Rifleman (remember Chuck Connors?) - I can hear it in the other room. It is one of his favorites - watches one almost every day.


Anonymous said...

My most vivid memories of the Greene fair were the fireworks - remember how the last one was always a stationary one that was the US flag - and Unky. He was the danger seeker; he always made you and I ride that HORRIBLE thing that we called the salt and pepper - it was that awfle thing that went up and down and spun you around; he always made you and I ride it with come Alan got out of it? Can't remember that part. Gramma always took a couple of chickens fried up for us to munch on - she could definately fry up a chicken! The Corner restaurant holds a strange memory for me - all I really remember of it is that when Bob W. would pick me up on sundays, that is where he would take me; he always had a cheesburger, french fries and an ice cream cone. Always had the same thing - never changed...interesting what we remember isn't it? I really hated that ride at the fair - scared the beegeebers out of me. You and I always loved the swing things - they would swing us out real far -remember? And Gramma always picked on Daddy and called him the biggest kid of all because he would be so enthralled by the fireworks - he loved going there with his family; you're right - it was alot of fun.And I think it would be great fun for everyone to go to the fair; revive a family tradition. Thanks for reminding me; take care, and we'll talk when you can. Love, Sharan

Anonymous said...

The Greene Fair !!!!! Every year Dad and I talk about going and don't get there. Next year we are going, no matter what - if we are still here on this lovely earth of ours. Fireworks - no one had fireworks like Greene did. Never had to worry about the three of you, Joyce, Sharan and Alan were a threesome and off you would go. Loved it. Too bad Tom was too little to remember all those good times you kids had. Us too.

Carolyn said...

Hi Joyce,

I talked with Butch today - I sent you email - too long to post on here. He sounded okay but a little down, and maybe that's to be expected. We hope you see you on Friday.


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