Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 8 -Surgery one week from today

We are trying to keep busy - waiting is so difficult, and so much depends on the surgery. We had a large tree removed between our house and Irene's house - it was too close to the foundation. So - last weekend we brought in soil - LOTS of it, and spread it and planted grass seed. I was able to plant that side of the house with some perennials from my other gardens (mostly lillies and hosta - plants that light partial shade), and move plants around to better advantage - it never got enough light there before. Along with the branches we had removed on the HUGE oak tree out back - we have much more sunlight coming in back there now. The sunsetter awning gives us plenty of shade, though. So - that was the big excitement of the week!

I went up to work and attended a picnic they were having last week - it was great to see all my friends and co-workers. You might know I would show up for food! On Saturday - we had our 4th of July celebration at Mom and Dad's on Saturday, as Dad played at Picnic in the Woods on Friday. The kids swam up a storm and we had a nice time. Both our brother-in-law Joe and Alan have birthday's on July 4th - so - Happy Birthday to you both. Mom is having the 2nd cataract taken off today, and Dad goes to the Doctor tomorrow to see about knee surgery - hopefully in the next month. Butch is feeling quite well - some abdominal pain, which we hope will go away after the surgery - and he is golfing today with his buddies. I am going to take Alexandria clothes shopping - Lane Bryant is having a 70 percent off sale, and that means - bargains! That is one thing Alex and Sammy and I have in common - a love of shopping!

I just called Family House and they said to call next Monday between 10 and 1 - they will have a place for us when we get there. I hope you saw the slide show of Pittsburgh - it is very nice, although we are on the outskirts - about 1o minutes away from Pittsburgh proper - never saw downtown! Family House is wonderful - they even provide the coffee - 24 hours a day.

Strange summer for weather, don't you think? Not bad , actually - not too hot most days, overcast one minute - sun the next - rain forecast for almost every day. Sharan says there is a heat wave in Dallas - over 90 every day. I will take good old Broome/Tioga County. It is beautiful here - with the mountains and the lush green foliage. Our backyard is very busy- the birds are singing and eating at the feeder, the chipmunks and squirrels are busy all day, and when you go out there and sit - you are never alone.

We have so many people praying for Butch's successful recovery that we feel blessed. Old friends and new, along with our families, we feel surrounded by grace and love.


Brenda B said...

Waiting is so hard. We're hoping for the best of news for you and Butch. Good luck and God bless,

sharan said...

Have a safe trip and remember that we are thinking of you and praying for both of you. Keep us posted when you can. We love you both - Sharan

Alex's birthday - slide show