Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday the 21st

Well - I was wrong - it wasn't "polar infusion" - it was pleural effusion - both the nurses - Sharan and Melanie - set me straight on this last night - they sure are handy to have access to. They put a stent in to drain off the fluid - from the left lung - they drained a liter off by 2:00 - still draining, hope maybe they will be done tomorrow. There is quite a bit of pain associated with this fluid, so they changed the pain medication to deladed (he told them he couldn't double up on the Oxycontin - it snockers him). This pretty much did too - he slept through most of the day today - probably the best thing. They did get him up this morning and he walked up and down the hall a bit (with the therapists assist). he is still getting respiratory therapy, and still short of breath with any exertion, but his fever is normal now.

We received flowers and a beautiful plant today - from Mom & Dad. The plant had a real plant and artificial small sunflowers - the flowers were for me (beautiful carnations and roses) Thanks Mom & Dad.

Mom - he stayed awake long enough to watch "the Price is Right" - one of your favorite programs. Most of the day, I put the "CARE" network on - provided by the hospital. It is guided imagery - meditation and visualization - beautiful pictures of nature, along with wonderful comforting music and messages. They say this helps to speed up the recovery process, control pain and reduce stress and anxiety. It was very nice - he said he found it helpful, so I am glad I found that station.

There are a couple of things of interest - I forgot to tell you that the transplant olymics was here last week - they ended on the day Butch had his surgery. 2nd - The night of the surgery when the surgeon talked to me he mentioned that he liked Butch - said he reminded him of Clint Eastwood! I always liked Clint, and I do think Butch is handsome, but I have noticed the resemblance - what do you think? The last thing is about that pregnant young woman who was murdered - Kia Johnson - and had her baby taken out of her by a crazy woman. This happened on a street about 3 blocks away from this Family House - it is a really horrible story.

That's all for now folks.

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bob said...

keep hanging in there you have the best thing in this world on your side God and he is right there with him. I want to be invited to his eightith birthday party as always you are in our are doing a great job keeping us updated Thanks Joyce

love Robert and Kristina

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