Friday, June 20, 2008

A little update

Butch is mowing the lawn, and then we are meeting Carolyn and Joe to go golfing. Their plan is to win back the title of pinochle king and queen. OUR plan is to keep it! Carolyn is cooking our meal - spaghetti, with whole wheat pasta, and organic tomatoes. I bought a pillsbury cake mix - 1/2 the sugar, made with Splenda. They say of all the sugar substitutes, Splenda raises the glucose level the least, and - because tumors feed on sugar - we eat the least amount of sugar we can. We are trying to assist the healing process by combining all that is available from modern medicine with good nutrition - eating those

Tomorrow we are picking up Irene and going to Owego to the Strawberry Festival. Our plan is to walk Flash in the doggy parade - Irene bought him some of those big glasses - this should be funny. Irene - besides being our next-door neighbor - is Flash's biggest admirer. Yesterday we took him to Pet Smart and got his summer "do" - bath, pedicure, and teeth - he is all ready to be paraded! He is included in our pictures - isn't he handsome?

It has been raining off and on for days - the sun goes in and out. I have transplanted many of my perennials (purple iris I brought here from Pulaski St., lillies, lily-of the-valley, hostas) and placed them all around the foundation of the house. I told Sharan if I don't go back to work soon,
I will be planting the roof - it is the only place still bare!

We called a place called "Family House" this week, and they put us on a list to stay there. We have to call when we get there. It is only $40.00 a night for a room . Family House is a not-for-profit Corporation that offers lodging to patients and families who travel to Pittsburgh for treatment of serious illness, It looks to be a very nice place, and I have included a link to their site if you are interested, along with a link to UPMC itself. They have a free shuttle service to places on the campus, which will be very nice. She is trying to get us into the Family House near UPMC Montifiore Hospital, as that is where our introductory letter says for us to go. The letter from UPMC says an escort will be available to assist in getting us from one place to another.

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Sharan said...

Nice golfing pictures; where were they taken? Everthing is so nice and green.
Family House looks nice; definately reasonable enough; saw on their website that they are funded by local car dealerships; what a great idea.

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