Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tumor Marker is WAY down

We got the results - CA 19-9 is 19000 - it was 20000 at Sayre Packer! Lowest reading we have had since we were aware of this monster. Celebration time. Now - we need to hold at this until we get to Pittsburgh and hope no damage was done between Mayo and when we started Chemo - that means the operation will take place. Praise God - remember that the liver function tests are coming down also - and - Butch is feeling MUCH, MUCH better. Didn't help his golf score on Tuesday, however!

I forgot to say that Alex had a birthday last week - she is 14 now, and Sammy is a major league baseball player now (see pictures)!

We are planning on leaving town after Alex's 8th grade graduation (the 23rd), and drive to the Kentucty border - we are going to go to the Creation Museum - we have wanted to go since it opened last year. From there we will go to Pittsburgh.

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Well, where are Butch's opinions?


Alex's birthday - slide show