Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our Weekend

We had a great time golfing at Catatonk on Friday with Joe and Carolyn, that is - until we got rained out on the 15th hole - weather went from sunny to rain several times, but we called it quit then. I am sad to report that we got whupped at cards though - roundly beaten!

What a great time we all had today. I included a slide show of Alex's swim party - it says it all! Mom and Dad shared their pool for the afternoon, and the day was beautiful - no rain, thankfully, and beautiful skies - about 80 degrees, and Dad had the pool heated just right - very refreshing. Afterwards, Butch and I went to Michaelangelo's restaurant - we had a gift certificate some friends at work gave us, and he had Fettucini Alfredo - he is trying to load up on calories , in preparation for Pittsburgh. We figure that is good for 800 calories alone, PLUS we ate at Alex's picnic, went out for breatfast after church, and I will make him a dragon slayer tonight - another 800 calories. Now , imagine - he lost 2 pounds this week, and is not even on chemo! - it is crazy, I tell you, and an everpresent battle.

We have decided to skip the Creation Museum - too far off the path, and we will look for things to do in Pittsburgh for Saturday and Sunday - get familiar with the city, etc. I am going to see about a Pittsburgh Pirate's game - I looked and they are at home Saturday night and Sunday afternoon - Butch would like that. There are many things to do there - The Carnegie Science Center is one of the top 5 science museums in the country, the Pittsburgh Zoo is the 4th largest in the nation, and has the only bird zoo in the nation. Sounds like fun, and will take our minds off what is coming up - or - we hope is coming up.

Yesterday we went to the Strawberry Festival in Owego - It was a perfect morning - not too hot, not too cold. We went with our neighbor and friend Irene - she is Flash's best friend, and watches him while we are away. We watched the parade - I uploaded the pictures so you could see the wonderful floats - and ate strawberry stuff - Butch had strawberry shortcake , and Irene and I had strawberry smoothies. Seeing the antique tractors remnded me of the news in Rochester Minnesota that I wrote about when we were out there - the "Bring your tractor to school day" event - that was pretty funny, I thought!

I want to thank all the people who are supporting us and praying for Butch's recovery. I can't tell you how important that is to us. We know that God is listening to all of our prayers, and derive great comfort from that fact. Keep the prayers coming, and we will continue to think positive thoughts along with those prayers. I have a friend that reminded me that no matter what happens, God is still on his throne. That is so true, isn't it?


Sharan said...

I love the pictures - especially Butch and Flash; and everyone says Little Bit is spoiled!!

Robert said...

nice job on the site like it will make it much easier to keep in touch. we will be praying but I really believe god has a plan for butch far from what ever he can imagine as he told me the one time about him living to 80 and ask me if God would tell him a lie no he will not Butch you just have to trust God with all your heart soul and mind and he will always be there for you same as you Joyce that is one thing I myself didn't really didn't understand before but now I do God is in CONTROL not us sojust keep every body up to date on your journey we love you.
Robert and Kristina

Alex's birthday - slide show