Thursday, August 14, 2008

Don't halloo until you are out of the woods - Benjamin Franklin

Thursday's events - As you can see from the picture, we were allowed to go out today -small victory, but important. Also - when the menu selection sheet came for tomorrow , it said "lib" - liberal - even better than regular - TONS of selections - so many - he couldn't make up his mind! Everyone has been VERY nice to me today, and we have had a very good day. Butch actually walked from bed to the elevators (probably more than 100 feet), then he got in the wheelchair for the rest of the trip. It was raining outside, so we stayed in the solarium, which was very nice - we had it almost to ourselves. We are working on strength diligently, and, although it is going VERY slow, it IS going - as you can tell. Butch is still very weak - has to sleep after a walk - and it is hard for us to be patient, but it is very important that he not overdue either. They gave him a 1.5 pound arm bar and he uses it in bed to strengthen his arms - does "row, row your boat" forward and back. I need to go to the New Balance store on Forbes tomorrow, as the therapist wants him to walk in his own shoes tomorrow (instead of the hospital socks, or his slippers), and - the pair he brought don't fit because of the swelling. I need to buy a size bigger.

I have developed a way of coping with minor annoyances like nurses not answering the call bell when we want non-medical supplies - pajamas bottoms, extra blankets, hospital gowns, etc. I took Sharan's advice - I simply go up to the carts they are stored in, take the sheet off and take what I want (back on the 10th floor - they didn't even HAVE any pajama pants on the carts)! It works very well - no irritation on our part, he gets what he needs, and - we have not bothered them. That is how I got the wheelchair I keep in our room, and the recliner (I rescued it from down the hall). When we got here, he had only a straight chair in his room. I asked - several times - if we could have one of the comfy recliners I saw out in the hall down across from the lounge. Everyone said yes -BUT -they had to clear it through some mystery person. After 3 hours and 5 people, I simply went down the hall and rolled it into our room. No one has EVER mentioned it since! I keep a cooler next to the bed and keep his drinks, yogurt, fruit, etc. that I bring in cool - when I relied on them - well - it wasn't good! I have 4 Cool packs which I take turns taking back to the house and freezing, so it works out. I also tell everyone that I am blogging, and make sure that they know I am writing about how our days are going ("Oh look - you'll be famous - I am writing about you on my blog") - it works on almost everybody! These are some hints you should keep in mind should you ever find yourselves in a position to need them .

Butch does not a telephone - Specialty Services hospital does not have phones in patient rooms - believe it or not! In answer to some questions - I get my sayings of the day from a variety of sources - one is the web site - "Wise Old Sayings". It gives me something to do to keep my mind in gear and off hospital stuff - looking up appropriate sayings. It is actually fun, and I have learned a bit, too. I don't know how many of you read the comments people leave, but some are very informative, and some are very funny! The reading audience is VERY savvy!!!

Friday AM - Well - home health is set up for Family House - Gentiva Home Health. Butch has walked all the around the unit w/o holding on to the wheelchair - big improvvement. They told me the wound vac can come off - MAYBE -next week, and we should keep him here until that happens. They took the staples out from the "Mercedes" incision on his abdomen, and - things are looking up!

I played pinochole with 3 others ladies at the House last night - two of us who know how taught two ladies who haven't played for years - it was a lot of fun, and - good practice for playing when we get home. The dinner was great last night, and the dessert better - appple crisp, warm from the oven - with vanilla ice cream - can't get much better than that in my book. I hope by the end of next week, I will be cooking for everybody (we all chip in for the cost) - once Butch is out of the hospital I will take my turn. I will make everybody banana bread for an appetizer - and who knows what else? Cooking for 40 people will be a test of my skills - but I will have assistants who will help me. One person plans and oversees the meal - three other assist and clean up. It is a little scary - much easier to just assist - but - they say they need us to take a turn as "master chef" - planning, purchasing, and overseeing the preparation. Many people cook their ethnic specialties, so it is a lot of fun - and - great home cooked food. This is my big chance - all those years of watching the cooking channel should pay off now!


Anonymous said...

Love the px; Atrium looks like a wonderful place to find some peace and quiet; Butch definately looks comfy! Wound must be healing up nicely for them to be planning on d/cing the wound-vac; sounds good! And it certainly sounds like they are planning on cutting you guys loose soon; friends house may not be home, but it sure is better than the hospital and it is the next step to getting home.
Can I suggest a meal since you will have helpers? You make a phenominal halupki and your stew has always been wonderful (that's a true compliment since I don't do soups/stews).
Everything sounds good; sure will be glad when you get home. Love, Sharan

Carolyn said...

Me...Savvy?? I can hear Butch laughing now....but he might change his mind when he reads the poem I wrote about him. (almost done with it). He sounded like the "ol' Butch" today...much better than when we spoke before. He has come a long way and should be proud of himself...but to have such a caring, thoughtful wife sure helps him get thru this time. Thanks so much Joyce!! I can't wait till you guys are home.'s Flashy??

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