Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What good is running when you are on the wrong road? Old German saying

Therapy is working with us, and they agree Butch is strong enough to leave - is up (for meals, walks, etc.) 6 hours a day - the requirement is - up 4 to 6 a day - in order to be discharged to go home with 24 hour a day assistance. Antibiotics will be finished at the end of the week - Friday, I believe. We have met all other functional goals, I believe - however, the case manager wants him to stay until the 1st - she gave me some crap about Medicare wanting him to stay until then, and I think she said something about we might have to pay if we don't stay that long (she kind of mumbled it, and I gave her a hard look!). She claims that - because of the wound vac - we can't leave before that, but we were told before that we can get a small portable one and be gone from here when everything else is ready. I will be speaking to the Doctor today - remember he said 5 or 6 days originally? She says the wound is healing and the wound vac could come off next week and we could leave w/o having to worry about it - but that doesn't explain the remaining time until the 1st. Then we need to stay here - at Family House - until the appointment with Dr. Gamblin - I HOPE a week. I don't mind staying if it is necessary for Butch's recovery, BUT - I don't want to stay so that Select Specialty can maximize their Medicare reimbursement! Men - ready your weapons!

We are getting a walker today - we don't need the wheelchair anymore - yesterday, Butch pushed it to the elevator and down to the solarium, carrying the wound vac in it!

We need to ask the Doctor if the glucose readings - which have been going higher and higher - are permanent or not. They told us the shots were temporary, but the numbers keep climbing - we will find out. His lab work shows he is still anemic, although better than he was. The electrolytes are better now - fluctuating slightly, but no real problems. He is taking zinc to aid with the healing process, and the Doctor wisely ordered him an anti-depressant, which I think is helping. I don't know how he got through this far w/o one - he kept insisting he didn't need it. I attribute my getting through this whole mess to #1 - prayer, #2 - support from family and friends, #3 - good food, and #4 - medication! Anyway, his lab results also indicate a continued problem with the bile ducts (we know he still has the sclerosing cholingitis - it didn't go away, as it was in the bile ducts outside the area that was removed) , and the GI Doctors say he is going to have that j-pouch for a long, long time - we need to know what that means, but I don't think they are sure - months, probably. It is filling up - a 3 mm pouch - twice a day, so - it is draining properly, but - it is a pain in the neck (abdomen, actually). It would have been better if they could have put the stents in, but, as Butch says - it is a small price to pay. Liver and kidney functions are still very good - the Doctors think he is doing very, very well. I told the Doctor that I have always referred to him as "the wellest unwell person I know"! Basically, he agreed - or - agreed that he is getting back to that place.

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wow joyce you are holding up real good for all that is going on down there you are doing a great job putting all the info on this page you are a strong women and a very good wife to butch he is lucky to have you god is good and it will get even better we will be so glad to have you back home we love you robert and kristina

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