Monday, August 25, 2008

There's noplace like home, noplace like home, noplace like home (Dorothy, in the Wizard of Oz)

Give me those red slippers - we are coming home tomorrow. Butch is upstairs sleeping in our room at Family House - he says it is like heaven! I have made goulash for dinner - with the help of my "Sous chefs". We will be having goulash, a green salad, rolls, watermelon, and chocolate cake. Made two HUGE pots full - there better be enough! I got up this morning, and drove to Giant Eagle to buy the groceries - got my parking place back, too! We left the hospital about 12:00 and called a taxi - Butch is walking with the walker, but - he doesn't really need it - it is a security blanket for now. We are so happy - BEAUTIFUL day - with a breeze - seems like a perfect early fall day - the leaves are starting to turn also.

Alexandria went to orientation for the high school today - oh my, oh my!

We are coming home a diferent way - up 79 to Erie, and across on 17 - little bit different for us.

When next I write - we will be home.


Anonymous said...

THANK GOD - our Butch and Joyce are coming home!!! We are ALL so happy - not only for them but for us too.


Carolyn said...

Hi Butch & Joyce,

Wishing you a safe & pleasant journey back from the land of Oz!

I picked up your mail today and asked them to restart your mail
tomorrow..."TOMORROW....TOMORROW....the sun will come out tomorrow"... :)

Anonymous said...

They're comming Flashy - hold on!

Have a safe trip and enjoy the sunshine. Love, Sharan

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