Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Home, Home on the Range - Old Cowboy song

We changed our mind and came up the middle of the state - hit TERRIBLE construction - they are building an interstate 99, which they badly need - BUT - left at 10 - got here (actually - at the Blue Dolphin) at 6:00 - long, long trip. Butch made it fine - home health has been here and checked him out - I changed the bandages while she observed me (I think I passed!), I had already changed them last night and this morning. Tomorrow morning they will hook up the wound vac and we are in business - they take over. She will also do INR - to check coumadin dosages (oh yes - back to that - while on the lovenox, it wasn't necessary). She gave me a number to call - 24 hours a day, if necessary, and I will be glad to have that as a back up plan - things change fast for us the last few months, and it is kind of a security blanket for me.

Tomorrow, Butch will get a haircut, get hooked up, and we will call the doctor. I am confused - they (the attending physician) gave us a prescription (along with 10 others) for digoxin - that is the heart medication, and - I don't know why! I will find out though.

Flash is happy we are home - acted kind of stand-offish at first - I guess he was mad at us - he got over it though. He has sat with Butch all night - stayed away from his stomach, too! What a good dog he is - we really missed him a lot.

Dinner went well - everyone said they loved the goulash, and I felt real good about the whole thing . I am going to bed now - ready to collapse in a heap, I think.

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All I can say is: Amen.

Love, Sharan

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