Friday, July 18, 2008

2nd day after surgery

Well - the posting from yesterday had two BIG errors - 1) - Butch had 3/4 of his liver (not stomach) out, and 2) - 8 PINTS of blood - not quarts! I was pretty tired yesterday morning, and my mind is not quite right yet, but - we are getting there. it is difficult to get computer access, but , it was free now. Butch is still in the ICU transplant unit, but he is to be transferred up to a room tonight. He is doing very well , the doctors say - stable, good readings, looking less jaundiced (the surgery made him jaundiced). He is having some problems with reactions from medications, and the amounts of aneastetic they had to give him, etc. but that should go away in the next few days, the doctor said. Actually, he is still sleping most of the time, but - they did get him into a chair today for a couple of hours. Hoepfully, tomorrow will be even better.

There are some women here at Family House who have been here a long, long time - waiting for transplants for their husbands, etc. They cook for us if we chip in to cover costs. Tonight we had fish and a kettle of beans and ham, along with cornbread. Delicious cake for dessert - and fruit. This is such a wonderful thing - we eat family style, and then spend some time talking together. Before the meal, we stand in a circle and pray (one of the men is a minister - his wife is ill and in the hospital here) - he asks God's guidance and blessing on each of us , and our loved ones. Very good both spiritually , and also - great food!

Our friend Bob Witherow drove back over yesterday to see Butch in the ICU - that was wonderful for Butch, and we are so appreciative.

I'm pretty cooked, so - I will sign off - just want to thank you all again for the thoughts and prayers.

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Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that Butch is starting to recover; going to take time but it sounds like he's headed down the right path. Good that he got out of bed; hopefully his tolerance will start building up and he can move around more. Have they said when they will start letting him drink or eat?
And it's wonderful that you found friendship house; like you said - good food and companionship.
Give Butch our love; you're both in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Sharan

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