Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday - a long day

Today was a busy day for Butch - they took out the epidural and the Foley Catheter. He got an injection of Lasix, Heparin (because of the blood clots in March), sucrose - to drive the potassium back into the cells, and he recieved Physical and Occupational Therapy. Sat in the chair for well over 2 hours. We were doing well, but, when we went to move him back to the bed, he became very short of breath. They are giving him breating tretments every 4 hours now. Also his temperature went up - to 101.3 - and they ran tests to fing out why - EKG, Chest X-ray, CT scan. We do not have the results yet - they are trying to find out if fluid has built up in the abdominal area - that causes these symtoms (I think the nurse said polar infusion, but I could be wrong). After giving him tylenol, his temp went back down. I will post tomorrow with the answer.

Oh yes - he is without the IV and was served a normal lunch and dinner - food looked TERRIBLE - and he did not eat much. He is quite a picky eater anyway, and , because of the cancer has many dietary restrictions. I will try to contact dietary tomorrow - they served him dried out meat covered with awful looking gravy (they said one meal was turkey and one pork - but - they looked exactly the same - and tasted the same - sawdust!), vegetables that looked like they were cooked overnight - removing any possible nutrition from them, and white everything - bread, potates (covered with that nasty gravy), and LOADS of sugar - with extra packets for good measure. I will speak to someone about this. I will take some ensure in tomorrow, I got him an apple and a banana from the cafeteria today. We will have to fix this somehow.

I am hoping that he does not have fluid in that cavity - please say a prayer for him tonight.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for the bad day. I think what the nurse may have said is plueral effusion; you'll know more when the test results come back. Ask the Dr. to write you an order for a dietary consult; the dietician can work with you very closely. Please give Butch our love; take care of yourself. And you don't need to ask for prayers; both of you have been in everyone's prayers all along. Love, Sharan

Anonymous said...

You can also have the Doctor write an order for ensure or boost three to four times a day; the dietary people will send it up on his tray; you do not have to pay for this Joy - just tell the Dr. you want it. Love, Sharan

Anonymous said...

Patty and Nelson have been sharing your (Butch's) trials. Although I have not been in direct contact, my prayers are with you. Patty shared the blog address with me and I will use that to keep abreast. As always, my best, Gary Gardner

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