Monday, July 28, 2008

Blue Monday

The cultures that came back late yesterday turned out to be a bacterial infection in the blood stream - at the site of the surgery, in spite of the preliminary tests, which showed negative. The bacteria is called klepsiela, and his white count is up because of it. They will switch the antibiotic to a specific one for this bacteria, instead of the Zosyn, which is broad spectrum. They say he has to have this by IV for awhile, then - maybe - a pill - need to take it for two weeks - a long, LONG time.

Also the heart is still acting up. They added Digoxin to the Lopressor, and will be doing bloodwork tonight, to decide if they need to put him on Amiodiurn (I think that is right). The problem is, this last one is not good for the liver, so - they need to try not to use it. They just have been unable to regulate the heartbeat, although the doctor says the problem is coming from the top part of the heart (the Atrium) rather than the bottom, and that is good - not as serious. They are moving him to a cardiac floor as soon as a room becomes available - maybe tonight. The bloodwork is to ensure that there is no underlying heart problem - the cardiac doctor says he does not think there is, however they need to make sure. So - they will do that bloodwork, and a eckogram.

Before we went to the Mayo, Mellie and Family bought him a portable CD player. So - I have been putting on his earphones for him and he has been litening to Johnny Cash - and others, but mostly Johnny. We all know how much he likes Johnny Cash, so I am hoping it soothes him in this difficult time. At night, I use it to listen to soothing CD's - nature sounds with classical music, etc. It really does help.

As for the confusion - they are working on that. He is on a lot of drugs, and that infection is playing havoc with him, so - they need to sort it all out and solve it. Because of all this -my blood pressure is playing havoc with me. I am increasing the dosage of my medicine (I have talked to my Doctor on the phone), and we are working on it. In the meantime - red cheeks, malaise, short temper, anxiety from time to time. Hopefully we can control it.

Tomorrow, Melanie is driving down to spend a couple of days with me. I will be glad to have her with me, and she can question the Doctors with anything I have missed - with her Medical background, I think she can be a help. But - most of all - she will be moral support. My Mom and Dad have offered to come for a visit, also - we will see how the next few days goes, and make a decision then. Anyway, I am SO looking forward to having company here for a day or two.

In our prayers, let us ask God to wrap his loving arms around Butch and keep him safe from further harm.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, can't imagine why you'd have high blood pressure, malaise, short temper and anxiety..... Seriously, stay on top of that. You won't be able to help Butch if you get sick yourself. I know exactly where you're coming from and I know it isn't fun.

Glad Mellie is coming down for a visit. That should take some of the pressure off for a few days.

You're both in our prayers every day. Hope you can feel the power of the prayers and the love of your God.

Please take care of yourself.

Love, Loma

Anonymous said...

I second everything Loma said.
Love, Sharan

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