Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday - out of surgery a week tomorrow

Butch developed an infection in the suture. They had to push the blood out of the suture - that hurt! Also, They put a needle between the 3rd and 4th rib to drain off fluids. He is quite uncomfortable, but - many good things have happened today, also. They took all the IV's off - until about 4:00 when the Doctors ordered IV fluids put back in. He came off oxygen today, and is breathing totally on his own. He is using the little oxygen breather to get his capacity back and did very well - 800 - better then the 750 he did yesterday when he was on oxygen!

I talked to the dietician today, and got the dietary needs straightened out, I hope. Also they will give him a Boost at each meal (boost is 250 calories - packed with vitamins and minerals). I can't control the awful food, though - institutional food at its very worst. At least we can order whole grains instead of white , and low sugar - really - they should be ashamed to feed that stuff to people that are already ill! I guess I can't control much about this situation, but I hope I can help get him better nutrition. I specifically told her about them serving him gravy 2 meals in a row his first day back on solids - she said that was SO not the right thing to do.

The Home Health co-ordinator came in and we talked. We will have them come to Family House when he comes here after discharge - to help with drains, etc. They will also help arrange for some help when we get home. Family House has elevators , so he doesn't have to worry about steps, and we should be fine here for awhile. We don't have a time frame for discharge yet - hopefully soon we will now - Butch is hopeful that it will be Friday - I SERIOUSLY doubt that, but - we will see.

The jaundice is almost gone. Did I tell you that the floor he is on is a GI surgery recovery floor - kidneys, bowel, liver,etc. They are all private rooms. They swab for MRSA upon admittance to the unit, and are VERY careful - nothing like they were on that transplant ICU, though. When I left tonight they were running magnesium sulfite and sodium chloride thru IV. They took out 1 of the J-pouches, only one left. Switched him back from heparin to lovenox, and blood glucose was 177 today - not too bad, but - they gave him a shot of insulin. His chest still kind of looks like he is a robot - wires everywhere, but they are pretty much gone from everywhere else. We walked quite a ways out in the hall - tomorrow we will try to double it. He is sitting up and eating, and taking an interest in Fox news again - even talked about the stock market being up a bit today. Still slept a lot though - little snoozes in between activity.

Pastor Bob and Carolyn Witherow came to visit today - it is so wonderful to see folks from home when we are this far away. His friend Mike Debonis - who he has known for years - called him and they talked for a time, and he spoke to his sister Carolyn and her husband Joe on the phone today also. That all brings a sense of normalcy to this situation, and it does help him. I do see him getting a little better each day. the floor aides and nurses said they are going to put me on the payroll, and that I can have a job as a nurses aide if I want - I have experience now!

When I got back here tonight - they had cooked a big ham - scalloped potatoes, green beans, and we had pineapple upside down cake and watermelon and grapes for dessert. So - don't worry about me - I am being taken care of. When Butch comes back here, I will cook for everybody to repay them - we all take a turn. It is sort of like living at a spiritual YWCA/YMCA! Also - I have got a lot done on that Christmas table topper I am embroidering - and have read many chapters of the cancer nutrition book I bought.

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Make sure you make them your trade mark banana bread!! Love, Sharan

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