Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Two Weeks today - it's a better day

Melanie got here about 5:30 last night, so - that is cheering me up so much. It is wonderful to have her visit. We went to the hospital this morning, and she "took charge" . Checked out some things and talked to the nurses about potential pressure ulcers on his heels (they are going to get him heel cups upon her recommendation) and when I told her about the potential bed sores on his back side, she said they MUST turn him more often, and we spoke to them about that, also. (she would probably say - "what's this "we", Keemosabee!) and the result is - he will get an air mattress to help with that problem. We talked to Dr. Gamblin and his team this morning, also. He thinks Butch is continuing to get better - it has been much slower than we had all hoped for, but - he does see real improvement. He is to stay in the cardiac unit for awhile - heart is MUCH better on the digoxin and the lopressor - won't (hopefully) need the stronger meds, but - has what they call Trigeminy, which is a cardiac arrthmia in the ventricular section (lower - every third beat skips). Again, it is related to the surgery, and is "coming along". The bacterial infection, also is doing well - he said only small traces still showing in the blood. Butch does seem better - Melanie said she could see a difference between yesterday and today. It is hard for me to tell right now - she - coming fresh to the scene - has better judgement about this.

As for me - we are communicating with my Doctor in Binghamton and trying to adjust my medicine to get the problem under control. I do feel MUCH better. We left the hospital at noon and we actually took a 2 hour nap this afternoon - we will go back tonight. It it the first time I have tried that, but I think it is helping me to destress. I have certainly not gotten enough sleep, and I need to try to improve upon that. Tomorrow, we might drive to the Monroeville Mall in the afternoon - it is a BIG mall right outside of town. Shopping always makes me feel better!

In the meantime, Home Health is on standby, waiting for him to come home from the Hospital. The meals petered out here - been foraging for myself since the weekend - found a couple of little places quite close by that I can walk to. There is always public transportaion if I need it, but - it is not my 1st choice. Really, I want my husband , my house, my car, and my computer back! It is coming alng, just - as I said - too slowly for my tastes!


Anonymous said...

Yea, Melanie! I knew she'd be better once you got there. Atta Girl!

Joyce, you've made me a nervous wreck. I'll bet I've checked this blog a hundred times last night and today. I was afraid that either Butch was worse or you'd collapsed when there wasn't an entry. So good to hear from you-- and it's all good news!

Love, Loma

Anonymous said...

Hate to repeat myself, but again
-- I second what Loma said!!!
Love, Sharan

Anonymous said...

keep hanging in there joyce Butch will be ok its is gods time when he will be all better you need to rest so when he get home you will be able to help him and I will help to if you need it tell him I am praying for this to get over with soon and we miss you all,would like to come and see you both gut to many kids LOL we love you and keep up the good work

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