Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday - Butch goes to a regular room

Today was a good day - We finally got Butch moved out of the TICU into a room on the 10 floor - N 1078. Some people have asked about sending cards so - the address where we are staying is :

Family House
514 N. Neville St.
Pittsburgh, Penna.

The hospital is :

UPMC Montefiore Hospital
200 Lothrop St.
Pittsburgh, Penna.

Today he ate some jello, and drank some juice. Tomorrow I imagine the menu will be stepped up. The room they moved him into on the 10th floor is a private room, and very nice - bright and sunny. The operation caused him to be quite jaundiced - the 1st day I saw him after surgery, he was "shining like the sun". He is MUCH better now - the jaundice is fading, although he is still quite yellow. The Doctor says this is normal, and it will fade away. He slept most of the day, bur did manage to watch some of the British Open on TV. It will be good for him to be on another floor - it was very dark and gloomy in that TICU, and the nurse said that compared to most of their patients - he was almost well! This, combined with the Mayo Trip, has given me a new appreciation for good health, and increased my compassion for those people who have such serious health problems - being around the people who need transplants, and their families, (there are several of them here at Family House now), I have a new understanding of the difficulties and hardships that they endure with such grace and dignity.

That's all for now, folks - I'm off to sit in the heating pad. After almost 3 days of sitting in a metal folding chair next to Butch's bed in the TICU, my back is killing me! I love the new room - there is a comfortable chair for me, as well as a great chair for Butch to sit in when he is not in bed. But I want to say - all the Doctors and nurses assure me that he is doing very well. This was an enormously big surgery, and he is making progress toward recovery. I thank God every day for this progress he is making.

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