Wednesday, August 6, 2008

3 weeks today

I talked to Dr. Gamblin this morning, and he said that the number 1 problem with all liver resections is getting the remaining liver's functions back to normal, taking over everything that the whole liver previously did. He feels that we have accomplished that - Butch's liver is functioning normally, with good readings. The
2nd biggest problem is infections - when you tinker with the liver, it leaves the patient open to all sorts of infection problems. We are working on that problem now. Tomorrow, Butch will have another CT scan. He couldn't have it today because they need to have him on something to protect his kidney for a 24 hour period before they give him the dye they need to do the CT scan. When he came into here his Creatin level (kidney function was 1.4 - now it is 1.5 (he had a problem already - remember?). They want it at 1.0. So - tomorrow - they will do the CT scan to see why he is so weak - nothing is showing up in the bloodwork - except white count is off. The Doctor said tonight it may just be that he is severely anemic (Well - he DID bleed all day on Monday!). They will probably give him a transfusion tomorrow if that is the case. Also, they say they have a 50 % chance of success at the ERCP (down the throat) to put the stent internally - if not - procedure to do an external stent - all towmorrow. Tomorrow will be very rough, I am afraid.

He was more like himself today. Did I tell you that the day we went outside - he asked about his HAT! - He had a hospital gown on, for goodness sake, and he wanted his hat! Two days ago I was blogging on the laptop at the hospital. I did something -don't remember what - and the computer made a strange sound. He woke up out of a drugged sleep , looked at me and said "what did you break now?". Today, as the Doctor was doing a procedure on him (setting up the wound vac), he started talking
about the presidential election with him! He is coming back - I can tell. If we can conquer the weakness (he is gasping for air if he moves around at all), I think he will be around the corner.

They hooked up the wound vac - it is this machine that vacuums up the nasty stuff in that big wound, so that it can - supposedly - heal in half the time. Dr. Gamblin said if he had invented that thing - he would be playing golf right then instead of doing rounds! He also said if this goes on much longer, he will have to come to Endicott and caddy for Butch! The dressings only nee4d to be changed every 2 to 3 days now, instead of 2 to 3 times a day - that is wonderful.

Transitional unit is on hold until we find out about the weakness - maybe the end of the week, I hope. We had a student nurse today - she was wonderful - attended to his every need (that she was allowed to). He got all the ice water he wanted, fussed over, and the real nurse checked in on her to be sure everything was OK. I think they gave her to us because I was such a pain - but - It was good for us, and good experience for her too.

I am sad to tell you that Bobby died yesterday - Sharon was flying home with the casket today. He was such a nice man, and struggled so long and so hard, it is such a sad thing - he got pancreatitus, and couldn't recover - his body just shut down. He died peacefully.

On a happy note, tonight a family that adopted Family night put on a summer picnic - barbecued ribs, chichen, fruit kabobs, all kinds of home made salads, and wonderful desserts. They do this once in a while - Christmas party, etc. They had such nice decorations, and I won a door prize - assorted teas, mug, magazine. It was very sweet, and everyone had a very nice time.

"And this too shall pass" - I hope.

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Sharan said...

Gld they got the wound vac hooked up; they are really great for healing up woulnds. And you'll have home health when you get back home to change it for you.
As to the stenting - you're in my thoughts and prayers; I'll be thinking of you. Blog when you can; we love you. Sharan, Dave

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