Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday - skipped Thursday

"If you want the rainbow - you have got to put up with the rain" - Dolly Parton

The shuttle was late yesterday - when I got here (about 10 of 8:00), he had already been taken down to GI for the ERCP. I caught up with him in pre-op, and stayed in the waiting room until they called me (8:30 to 9:30). He had two medical charts that traveled with him on the stretcher - LONG medical history - just for here! The Doctor was not able to do the procedure - the tube will not reach down as far as they need to go. So - today - they do two stents - one for each side - externally. We are waiting now for this procedure.

He does have more color today - in his face - and is MUCH more alert, and talking a bit. He has recovered his sense of humor, and that is a VERY good thing. This morning I brought his hat back in - I would love to take him in the wheelchair to the gazebo and garden I found on the grounds - it is beautiful - flowers and birds - fountains, bird baths - very serene and quiet, except for the nature sounds. Maybe this afternoon - probably not until tomorrow, though. This morning is the 1st he has stated that he is getting better - slowly, but surely.

Last night they did the CT scan, and found the other infection they thought was there - need to reposition the j-tube (pulling it up) - it is collecting stuff in the position it is in. Also saw fluid around the lung - causing the breathing problems - need to drain it.

The Doctor's come and go - I know most of them, along with the nurses and aides. Except for the dietary screw-ups (which continue to infuriate me!), things are much better now. I honestly do feel that - when it comes to liver problems - you can't go anyplace better - UPMC knows livers, and Dr. Gamblin and his team are the best. They have the same goal in mind that we do - get him recovered and - out of here! Hospitals are just no place to be when you are sick, but - they are necessary for our survival!

Later on Friday - they attempted the stents - were not able to complete - because the bile ducts were not dilated enough. Need to do some OTHER procedure - this is VERY frustrating,but - it is because the sclerosing cholingitis has hardened and scarred those ducts - Doctors ALWAYS have trouble with them. Not sure if they are going to do this today or Monday - or if repositioning the j-tube will solve the problem and he won't need them! Stay tuned for next newsflash.

Did I tell you about the gelatta? Yesterday I walked down to Forbes St. (eateries, shops, etc. - about 3 blocks away from the hospital). They have a place called Rita's - bought a gelatte - layer of custard, layer of lime Italian Ice, layer of custard - yummy! Going to do it again today - different flavor, though - to try something new!

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