Monday, August 4, 2008

Thumbs Down

I am going to write just a short blurb - will take the laptop to the hospital tomorrow and write more there - too tired tonight. They did not do the procedure to put a stent in today. When I got there, they had him ready -nothing eat or drink from 11:00 pm last night. Well - at 2:00 PM they still hadn't come to get him. After inquiring politely about things for 3 weeks now, I am afraid I lost it - went out to the desk in the middle of the unit and asked - loudly - for a patient advocate. Explained I felt they were trying to KILL - not CURE - my husband. I said a bunch of irrational things, and some very rational things, also. Well - my goodness - I should have done this 2 weeks ago, I guess. I got EVERYONE'S attention -doctor's, nurses, administration, dietary, and the patient advocate. Truthfully, I have been afraid to do this - with him at their mercy, he asked me not to make a fuss, and I was afraid they would take it out on him, but - it couldn't get any worse, anyway, and - I sure pray it helped. They were - I guess - just going to let him lay there - no food or drink - after he bled all day yesterday - for who knows how long - turns out they weren't going to get to him today - just hadn't notified the floor (they said). Employees came in to inquire about his welfare this afternoon that have avoided us like the plague prior to my tantrum. They told me it sometimes is 8:00 in the evening before they take them down. We are going to try again tomorrow - I hope my complaints get him an early morning appointment. I will wait until 11:00 to start my act. This should NOT be neccessary, but - whatever it takes is what I'll do.

That's all folks - walked to CVS (that's the only store within walking distance). I do my grocery shopping there! I bought myself a triple dip nutty buddy and ate it walking back to Family House. That made me feel a little bit better.


Sharan said...


I know it is not easy to get vocal and make a scene , but it certainly sounds like it's what needed to happen.

You done good and this Nurse is proud of you -- squeaky wheel gets the oil; just a shame it has to happen that way sometimes.

Love, Sharan

Anonymous said...

I really feel for Butch and you.I have been following your posts closely because I felt that we would want to go to UPMC if my husband required surgery but you have me worried.My husband was admitted to OSU MEdical Center through the ER when he first became ill while visiting Columbus. They sent him to a "catch all" floor.It was kind of like animal house. They were very lax in every respect but I was so traumatized and exhausted by what was going on that week I didn't complain. One night he had to sleep in a chair in the hallway because his room stunk so bad from his roomate being incontinent and them leaving the bedding in the bathroom!! That was the night he was told he was going to die!They did the same thing with the scans. They did them 24/7 so he would sometimes go all day without eating. He lost a lot of weight that week alone. To make a long story short he was finally seen by a surgeon that was interested in doing surgery and his first question was," Why are you on this floor?" He ordered him moved to the James Cancer Hospital and it was like being Alice in Wonderland. We went down the hall and through the "magic" doors and we were in a different world.Private rooms, clean sheets, private bath, they even brought me a cot so I could stay with him. It was great. But I still think back to that initial week and feel bad that I didn't raise"hell" about my husbands treatment.I had medical experience and worked in a hoepital and knew how things should be. You are just so scared and worried sometimes you don't think straight. I got over it though. I got to be a real pain and I'm glad you did too. Keep it up!!I pray Butch will make a full recovery soon and you can head home. There's no place like home!! Take care, Mary Lloyd(frm CC.Org)

Loma said...

Hey, buddy, don't worry about the staff "taking it out on" Butch when you have to be forceful. He's so cute (just like Sandy) that they'll feel sorry for him for having to live with that awful woman and they'll be extra nice to him! That's what happened with Sandy, anyway! You just go ahead and do what you have to do--and hope you never wind up in the same hospital as a patient yourself!

Bet you never knew you had it in you, but you're a fast learner. Hang on a little longer and try to grab a little rest whenever you can.


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