Sunday, August 3, 2008

Addenda to Sunday

To anyone who read the earlier post and was worried - it is 4:00 and the floor surgeon has sutured up two blood vessels that were cut when they punctured that hematoma this morning - that is what was causing all the bleeding. The blood work came back fine, and HOPEFULLY - this will solve this problem, and he won't need any additional blood. He is resting now - will get into the chair for the evening meal, we hope.

I forgot to complain about last night's dinner. When he moved, his food still got delivered to the cardiac unit. We told them to get him a tuna fish sandwich on whole wheat, and some tomato soup. I HAD to leave, as the last shuttle on the weekends leaves at 6:30. She was supposed to be getting it when I left. Also - I told them to get his ensure out of the refrigerator and give to him about 9:00, along with some yogurt. Well - NONE of that happened - he went without, and - when I got here this morning - he had cold cereal and cranberry juice for breakfast - that's all! This is the reason I feel I must be here almost every hour - if I am not - he suffers. It is totally ridiculous. We told the Doctor's this morning, and they said they would look into it. Translated - that means - nothing will happen to change this screwed up system. When I get him him - I WILL be writing a letter to administration, you can bet on it. I might also speak to the patient advocate - I just need to be careful while he is in their hands, we believe. Now that he is here, on this floor - the food delivery should happen, but - JEEZ! There - I feel better.

Do you remember Susan? The lady who needs small lungs? Well - a pair came in this last week, and they gave them to someone else - who needed them more (She got bumped) ! She needs them pretty bad - she needs to decide if she should stop taking her meds - so that she can worsen enough that no one can go in front of her, but, needs to not die from the effort. Some system, huh??

Bobby and Sharon - they are staying at Family House with us. They are an 8 hour drive South away. Bobby needs a liver - this is his 4th liver - his body rejects them after a period of time. 3 weeks ago he was in intensive care and Sharon was given no hope. He pulled out of it and they came here last week - drove up. He had gained 100 pounds - fluid - and - they drained it off. They drove back,, had been home 2 hours, and got a call - liver was ready. They airlifted them back here, and he went in. The Liver was bad - no good. They stayed here, as he is too sick to go home again. In the middle of the night two nights ago - he went into liver failure and pancreatitus. He is here - in intensive care, and no liver in sight. I see the helicopters landing and taking off - from the roof - about every 5 minutes. They are bringing in patients, and organs, from all over. Yesterday 4 livers came in - all bad. When you see this, it is a glimpse into a world that most people never need to view or understand - just heartbreaking.


Loma said...

It's no wonder caregivers get so exhausted; you don't dare to leave your loved one alone in a hospital lest the system kill them. Meanwhile you can't get any rest yourself so that you can care for them when you get home. Doesn't seem to matter what hospital it is, either. Hang tough, gal. It'll be over soon, Lord willing.

Sharan said...

I know you are living in a situation where everyone is sick and most are waiting for organs, but try not to pay too much attention to it Joy; it can be overwhelming. Kind of makes you see why nurse's change jobs alot and sometimes careers - it's just too hard sometimes. Am I understanding they punctured a blood vessel while lancing a blood clot? Hopefully they resolved it with the sutures.
Of the "kids" you have always been the strong one; I know you're having a bad day but I know you can do this. Remember that it is ok to have a bad day and it is ok to want to scream. You just have to follow your instincts and do what you think is best for Butch. Call when you can.
You're in our prayers; think of you all day long. Love, sharan

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