Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today - courtesy of Sharan

We spoke to Dr. Gamblin yesterday, and told him we were APPALLED at being told Butch must stay here until the 1st of September. He agreed, and told the case manager that we need to move on - get back to Binghamton and see the oncologist about restarting chemo, for one thing. She came to our room late yesterday and informed us - rather snippily - that we should be going home Monday, against her advise (I think she said better judgement). The antibiotics are ordered through the 23rd (Saturday), and she said going to Family House on Sunday is not good, as Home Health can't start until Monday, and we will need them. I guess we can't argue that point, so - Monday to Family House. We don't have a follow up appointment until September 5 with Dr. Gamlin - BUT - the case manager made that appointment with his nurse - think I will call myself and explain we would like to be moved up if we can - they might not, because he told us from the beginning that the follow-up appointment is two weeks after discharge. We will probably stay at Family House until that appointment, and then blow this burg!!!

They will teach me how to change the dressing for the wound - starting today, I will be changing it, under their tutelage (at least, that is what they said yesterday). That way - if Home Health doesn't get there for some reason, I can do it. This morning, they said they would hire me - I am a quick learner! The case manager says she needs to get a small, portable unit to go home, and she MIGHT not be able to get that by Monday - she is just determined not to discharge us - they must need Medicare money REAL bad here! They also mentioned this morning that we might need to stay another day because I need more training - imagine!!

Also this morning, they came in and started to give Butch an IV - to put contrast through his system for a cat scan that the attending physician ordered - to be sure all infection is gone from the wound/surgery site. Butch was also to drink a bunch of that contrast. Well - in the past , they have given him half doses of that contrast, and avoided testing as much as possible when contrast was involved, as it is VERY bad for his kidneys, and we know the trouble he has had with his kidney's. We insisted on speaking to the Doctor about this, and they have put it off until we do - he will be in later today. I would like to hear what he has to say about the kidney problem - just because the functions are good right now doesn't mean we should put pressure on them , I should think. And, in addition to the kidney problem, we asked why they couldn't put that thru the pick line, and they said they can't - have to insert an IV, N0w, we got that pic line on their advise - they said they were afraid his veins were going to collapse. I hate to sound suspicious, but - if a vein collapses, or the kidneys act up - that means more time in the hospital, doesn't it? Isn't that what they want and we don't want? I leave it to all of you - I know what I think.

I am also having a hard time getting therapy in here - the nurses have him on IV drips almost all the day today - and I can't for the life of me figure out why they have slowed that IV down to almost a stop. I swear they are plotting against me. I went down to the therapy department between IV's, and asked her to come to the room and help walk Butch up and down stairs - he did 8 stairs! She told them to hold off on the IV until we were done, and told us she would be back VERY early tomorrow to get it in before they start. Then we talked the nurse into holding off until we went outside for awhile - this is no rehab unit, I will tell you - rehab is last on their list. Most of their patients are too sick to get out of bed, so that works out for them! But I am determined that he get as much rehab as we can push them into - it will make it easier for him next week. We have not not seen the occupational therapist, except for her to introduce herself, since we got here - but - no problem - we have done well for ourselves - just putting those sneakers on and off has kept him moving!


Mom said...

For heavens' sake - just let the man go home. We need him more than they do. If he has a doctor's appt. on the 5th of Sept. we can then bring him home on the 6th, correct? We will be there on the 5th and load him up on the 5th and 6th and BRING HIM HOME.

Joyce and Butch Clegg said...

I agree - I guess they like him so much they want to keep him too! Yes - we expect to be coming home on the 6th - just let me call and see if we can move it up before you make the reservation. I will call tomorrow.

Carolyn said...

Joyce...I mailed you another white envelope today but not as large as the first one. You should get it this Friday, 8/22.
I talked with Tom and he escaped Tropical Storm Fay. But now HE has to have a CatScan on 8/22!
Jeepers....what is going on with my brothers! Glad to hear Butch will be going to Family House soon. Keep Smiling ! :-)

LOMA said...

Gee, wouldn't you think they'd want to send the cute little guy home just to get rid of that AWFUL woman who's with him!

You just hang right in there, Joyce. Hospitals are dangerous places and your patient needs an advocate every minute to be sure nothing happens.

Getting home will be be wonderful medicine for both of you.

Sharan said...

Gonna try to explain a couple of things -- I agree he needs to go home but I also agree going to family house on a weekend isn't a great idea. If you run into a problem on the weekend your only real recourse if the er and you don't want to do that unless you have to. Not sure why home health can't start until monday; I certainly worked enough weekends!
The iv is probably slowed down to what is called kvo (keep vein open); it's an iv in case of emergency or if a new med gets ordered. Basically, it just keeps the iv catheter open and working and adds a little hydration to Butch which should be a good thing.
I can't think of a reason you should have to change the wound vac dressing; just should not happen - that is why you have home health. That is what we do Joyce; home health runs normal business hours but there is ALWAYS a nurse on call for problems/emergencies. You may have to change the cannister if it fills up, but I just can't think of why you would need to change the dressing. Even if it develops a leak, all you would need to do is cut a stip of the clear film, cover the leak and call your home health agency. That is what they get paid for. And if you are not happy with the agency, you call another agency and tell them you want to change to them; they come out and admit you and they notify the old agency. Not a big deal. The home units can be gotten thru the hospital central supply at the hospital - that is a HUGE place; I have to think that supplies are delivered to the units on the midnight shift....again should not be a problem exvept they changed him from wound vac to whatever the name of the other one is. Oh well - they need to change him back. Follow-up apt: check with the Dr. and follow his lead. If he says stay at family house for 2 weeks then I guess you gotta but if he says a couple of days then go home and come back, then go with that. Remember - you and Dr. Gamblin know Butch better than anyone else; you have been thru this with him since day one and you are the only one who truly knows how he is progressing. Youre gut instincts have always been good and solid; keep following them. Sure wish I was there to help you out. Love, Sharan

Sharan said...

Glad to hear Tom made it thru Faye -

MellieD1974 said...

Get 'em momma, u bare those teeth... tee hee love ya lots and lots and get him home darn it!! (You hear the crowd in the audience chant "BRING HIM HOME, BRING HIM HOME!!!" Off to work a double, but vacation starts tomorrow. Hooray!!! Hugs and kisses, and keep up the good work!!

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