Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times. - Anom.

We received a 2nd packet from Carolyn yesterday - we had her mail us our bills! We were here so long we had to pay them from here! We had our mail held, thinking we would be home in time to pay them - but - you know what happened! We pay on line, so - we should have had it forwarded from the 1st - we just didn't this was going to take this long.

Butch is sleeping in this morning - while the IV drips away. That could be a soap opera name, couldn't it - "as the IV drips" - instead of "as the world turns" - catchy, don't you think?

Did I ever tell you about Marty? He is a quite a character - 74 years old, married 53 years, owns a home remodeling business near Dushore, Penna. He is also a self-described "evangelist Minister" - he is a real prayer warrior! He prays for people on the bus, prays for people in the hospital, prays for all the folks at the house, etc. His wife got sick in March - gall bladder, and they brought her here. They found cancer when they opened her up to take her gall bladder, and many complications ensued. This is the 6th time this lady has fought cancer, but she was so weakened by all the complications that ensued that she had to go to a nursing home back where they come from, instead of home - a temporary situation, they were told. They didn't take care of her properly, and she contacting MRSA. That caused problems with her heart and her kidneys. They shipped her back here last month, and - she is on a ventilator and dialysis. Marty lives at the house and comes to the hospital every day. The Doctor was pushing him to turn off the ventilator, and he is resisting - he says God will take her when he is ready - he is not going to be the one to do it. Yesterday He fired that Doctor and got a different one, who is going to try a couple of different things. I ask you all to say a prayer for Marty and his wife - these are difficult gut-wrenching decisions that people are forced to deal with - they are amazing, both in the love they share with their life partners, and the love they have for the Lord.

I realize now how fortunate we were that Butch was able to come out of that last infection in as good shape as he has. We got a letter from the medical director of UPMC this week - informing us of the infection that Butch acquired while a patient at the Presbyterian campus of UPMC. On July 31, 2008, your wound was noted to be positive for an infection with Klebsiella pneumoniae ". Incidentally, this is one of the infections listed on the information sheet in the bathrooms that you must wash your hands to avoid giving/getting. It did cause the cardiac problems that he was experiencing, however his heart seems to be OK now. We also think the lungs are clear now, and the only thing left to lick (from the infection) is the weakness - but - we need to remember - he was weak coming in - from the chemotherapy.


Carolyn said...

Hi Butch & Joyce,

When I picked up the mail, Karen asked if I was Butch's sister. I said yep, why? She said, "you look a lot alike!" Then she told me she golfed in a tournament with Butch. I said, "oh,you poor thing". She replied, "Actually, it was okay because I golfed almost as bad as he did." I told her that's probably why after he spent hours at the driving range teaching me to chip, I still can't do it...but my "stance" is great! Right Butch??? LOL :)
Karen said to say 'hi' and wishes you a speedy recovery!

Joyce and Butch Clegg said...

Carolyn - told Butch - we are looking forward to golfing - actually - looking forward to ANYTHING that doesn't deal with illness and hospitals - Joyce

Mom said...

Hi - so glad to hear the good news - see you next week - really missed you. Take it easy coming home and bring both of you home safe. Don't get lost!!! I know how you are on directions.

Love, Mom

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