Sunday, August 3, 2008

One step forward, two steps back

Well - today is not so good. When I got here, Butch's wound - from the surgery - is seeping blood, and wouldn't stop. They told me they found a hematoma (blood clot) in the wound, and he punctured it. Then they tried to clean up the wound and stop the bleeding. They are going to stop the lovenex (I thought Dr. Gamblin said to do that two days ago). If it doesn't stop by itself - they are going to give him blood this afternoon. He must. of course, stay in bed, and isn't moving around - more weakness will ensue. In addition, the j-tube is draining again - it is handling the bile that should be running through a bile duct into the intestine, and it was almost stopped - flowing to freely now - to nowhere, so - tomorrow, they will attempt an ERCP (go down through the mouth) to put an internal stent in there to drain to the abdomen. They say - because of his anatomy - there is only a 20 percent chance of this being successful - if not, they will have to do somwthing more invasive, and give him an external stent. In any case, we hope this is not permanent - we will find out in a few weeks., the doctor said.

The food situation got ALL screwed up when we transferred back to GI recovery - which we did last night. We are in N-1063. I just went to the cafeteria and bought us both a huge piece of pizza - lunch was simply not edible. The nurse said to wait a little while (hoping that wound will stop bleeding), and then maybe he can sit in the chair for awhile. he is still pretty alert today, but - this is VERY disccouraging. Caroline - I asked him your question - he said he is not ready for golf next week - but - he will play again.

Dr. Gamblin is apparently a day behind on the news - when he was in this morning - before all you-know-what broke loose - he was talking about discharge in a couple of days - to some rehab facility! No wonder we are confused - I can bearly get what is happening written for you all, and it changes! This is the news as of 1:50 PM!

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