Friday, August 22, 2008

We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same. - Anne Frank

The Doctor from Dr. Gamblin's team came in this morning and cleaned and redressed the wound. He pulled out some of the "gunk" that is still there - only a little - and said it is doing very well, but they would like to see that corner - the one with the "gunk" - all pretty and pink like the rest of the wound. It is not nearly as deep as it was, and it is healing, but he wants to leave the wound vac on through Monday morning to see if they can't heal it enough to pull the vac before we leave - 12:00 on Monday they tell me. So - no Sunday discharge, probably, although Dr. Gamblin is going to stop in - he answered my e-mail, and I will ask him about the appointment. I don't think I can get this changed - they only have clinic on Monday's, and this Monday he is JUST being discharged, next Monday is Labor day - so - the 5th it probably is. That is Ok. however, it is in sight! The Doctor this morning told me I am an honorary member of their team! The other Doctor - the attending physician - told me the other day that he would not like to be the guy that was trying to "bs" me - "he is in for trouble", he said - high compliments, I think. No danger I will be going into medicine, however - necessity makes a strange bedfellow (or something like that).

It is HOT - high 80's, and it feels funny after all that nice, cooler weather. I walked down to that IGA I told you about (there are 21 steps to get to 2nd floor - elevator was all tied up), and the sun was beating down on me on the way there. I buy Butch's Fusion there. Later today we are going to try to find a scale to weigh him again - we would like to know what he weighs now, before discharge.

Since I have been at Family House, many people have come and gone - returned home, I mean. Quite a few people have passed on, also (6, I think). There have also been some happy news - people got their long awaited transplants (Not Susan , unfortunately), and some have returned to Family House after being released - for transplants, VERY serious operations, etc. I have learned quite a bit about many very rare diseases, as this is one of the places people come when they have one of those rare diseases, and seen a side of life that most of us never see. Joy - The lady who heads up the cooking crew most of the time (seeking out cooks, cooking and cleanup crews, shopping crews, etc., has the time because her son is waiting for a transplant. They got called to the hospital in the middle of the night this week - the organ was bad, but - that means he is close - Thank the Lord for that.

Butch has completed his therapies for the day, and his IV's (until the 11:00 PM one). Ankles are still a little swollen, but - not much. We are going outside now to enjoy the birds - we will take some bread to feed them. I must remember to ask the Doctor about coumadin for when he gets out of here - I would assume they would know, but - I've learned NEVER to assume!


Mom said...

Oh honey - won't be long now and we'll have him home again. You have been so strong and Butch has been so good about everything that has happened to him- will be glad to see both of you - have missed you both very much.

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

We miss you all too - and our house, our backyard, and Flashie! Can't wait for that pool party at your house - Butch can hang around the pool and just relax, and I can have a swim! I hope the weather holds!

Love - Joyce

Sharan said...

Never can tell about those clinic appointments on holidays; alot of times they schedule clinics the day before or the day after.
I'm with Mernan; sure will be good to have you guys home. Love, Sharan

MellieD1974 said...

home would be nice, by the way do you remember where that is? Tee hee, just kidding. We miss you lots and lots and I think it is time u go back to school and get a nursing degree. Garage sale tomorrow almost done getting ready and then off to bed. I miss your hugs momma, give me a call tomorrow. I love you.....


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