Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Friends are God's way of taking care of us - unknown

We are now in the select specialty hospital - 8 South. It is a separate corporation that rents this space from UPMC. it is a sub-acute hospital - since he wasn't ready for rehab yet, and was ready to leave acute care - this is our new home for awhile. When we 1st got here yesterday, the case manager met with me and said he was slated for at least 19 days here, before being transferred to a rehab. I do not accept that - he has progressed a long way since that 1st assessment was done, and I hope to bring him HOME much sooner. The Doctor here stopped in after I left last night and told Butch he thinks maybe 6 days after seeing his progress. Yesterday we piled the wound vac in the wheelchair and he pushed it - I brought up the rear holding his britches - they were falling off from the weight loss! We walked about 50 to 60 feet down the hall - he weighed himself there - there is a weight thing like they have in doctor's offices - 153 pounds - could be worse, but - we need to work on that. He rode back, and we did that again here later - walked, I mean. We were very glad to get that pleur-vac off him - now there is just the wound vac, and infusions of antibiotics - and MANY pills - for assorted purposes. I don't think he had ANY pain meds since Monday - says he doesn't need them! We are in a double room now - with a guy named Randy who also has SERIOUS complications following surgery - a tracheotomy and temporary dialysis. His wife is here, and they are playing cd's - sort of 60ish folk music - very nice - they are folk singers for a hobby. Butch and I are going to go for a stroll soon - we have this down pat. She has her computer and I have mine - things are pretty good - nice company for Butch.


Sharan said...

I am so pleased with the progress; having a room-mate is also a positive thing; breaks the boredom and keeps him thinking. Walking is excellent. Good the pleura-vac is gone; will make moving around easier. We have several select specialty hospitals here; seem to be very good...nice transition units. Keep meaning to ask -- whats with the red socks? Thought only Rev. Lanton did that!!
God Bless; you guys are in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Sharan

Carolyn said...

Joyce....Tell my brother that 153 pounds is pretty good. Remind him that he weighed 166 pounds on June 30 so he's only lost 13 and he told me he would lose 20. I should have bet him! Did he get the golf card?? And did you ever get the shopping card? Carolyn

Loma said...

Joyce and Butch,
Congratulations on your "graduation" to the new room. 60's music sounds good; 50's would be even better!

Another huge step on the road to HOME!


Joyce and Butch Clegg said...

We got all the cards - appreciate all things from home from all of you - I think Butch has done VERY well with the weight - it was worth the struggle - This couple is younger than us - 60's music is oldies to them! I would LOVE 50's music! I maight bring in Johnny Cash and ask then to play it - we'll see.

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