Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rainy Tuesday

One would think - what with the fit I threw yesterday and all - that today would have gone very smoothly - At least until the patient advocate returned, which she said she would do. Well - one would be incorrect. They forgot his breakfast - and - by the time they rectified it, the only choice was cold cereal. I was not happy - they said it was because they thought he was going to have the ERCP this morning, and when they realized he was not going to have it, they called dietary -BUT - you know the rest. I did get a telephone call from dietary - apologizing and asking about lunch and dinner - they lost the menu selection I made out. I leave the remaining comments to you all!

As for The ERCP - the ONLY person with enough experience to do his potential ERCP turns out to be off until Thursday - so - we will BEGIN to schedule him again on Wednesday night. They have stopped by - a Doctor from Dr. Gamlins team, Social worker, etc. - to say they will put him on another floor - a "step-down" unit - he no longer needs this level of nursing care - needs rehab and therapy. This morning he is still white and pale - all the color drained out of his body with the blood loss - but a little color has come back in his cheeks.

Joyce's therapy report - He sat in the chair while we washed up - he shaved - ate in the chair, and we walked around the bed to get back in. Then lunch came - ordered soup and a sandwich - they forgot the soup! When I complained - the aide ran right down to the kitchen. When she came back - she said -"the reason they didn't put the chickn noodle soup on the tray is that they ran out of it - here is some beef broth - OK?" Now - I wonder why they didn't put a substitute on the tray in the first place? Also - they forgot the ensure - I give up! Anyway - we walked around the bed again to get in on the other side - after he sleeps for an hour - we will try the chair again. Therapy just now came in - but - we don't really need them - just need Butch's strength to come back - and - it is - a little at a time. I made him "trail Mix" for this afternoon chex mix, raisins, goldfish, and he snacks on that. Today - he ate what we managed to get for him here, also drank fusion, Tropicana, ate an orange, and a yogurt. Not bad! Tonight is spaghetti and meat sauce - if they deliver it that is - what are the chances??

He is off all IV's and medically - he SEEMS to be fine right now - except for the strength - he still needs an assist from oxygen - gulps for air everytime he trys to do anything - I hope this will get better with time. Of course, we still have the problem of the j-tube and the leakiy bile duct - Thursday will fix that (I hope). Also - they are delivering a wound vac - which we will use to "vacuum" out the wound - it is one of the reasons we cannot be discharged. It will promote healing of that wound -
Now we just have to wait for a bed on the other unit - they are ALWAYS full, the social worker said - so - who knows. She mentioned that if we could not get a roomn here - amybe he could go to Magee's women's Hospital - a few blocks away. They have a rehab, and - it is not just for women, and - the shuttle that I take from Family House stops there. At this point, that sounds great -BUT - a couple of people have already complained to me about Magee's. I hope to find out later today. We are listening to the soothing music while Butch sleeps, and I am going to try to take a nap myself - in the chair next to the bed. All this complaining is EXHAUSTING me.

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