Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Red Letter Day

We had a good day today. When Dr. Gamblin's team came in, they said all the numbers are falling into place, and he is really in pretty good shape - except for strength and endurance. He has not been out of bed - to walk - in 5 days, and is very weak. But today - we have made great progress. He sat in the chair from 6:00 to 10:00, and I just got permission to take him for a spin outside - as you can see in the picture. It is the 1st time since the 16th he has seen the clouds - beautiful day - with a little breeze and puffy clouds - and he really enjoyed the tour (since we are in Presby - we had to cross the passenger bridge to get over to Montefiore - there is no outside on the Presby side - it abuts the Children's Hospital). He also ate very well - I am SO encouraged - he is back in bed now, watching golf on ABC - the Trans Am I believe. We stopped into the chapel on the other side - very quiet and nice.

We really need to work at this weakness problem, as they are talking about discharging him to a rehab facility - nearer to home - and - that is OK if we have to, but we prefer not! It will depend on him regaining his strength. He said he can feel it returning as he gets up, moves around, etc. That heart probelm (which was probably caused by the septecemia) set him WAY back, as he couldn't do anything for a few days - without setting off the heart monitor. Anyway - he has walked a bit - back and forth to the chair and the wheelchair, and I feel we are gaining stride here. It is a very good thing that they causght that infection early - it was bad enough as it was!

I posted that picture of the lunch from the other day, and today's lunch was really very good - pasta with meat sauce and a nice salad - that's what we asked for, and that's what we got. He also had scrambled eggs and oatmeal for breakfast - and I didn't have to buy the eggs at the cafeteria! If dinner is edible, we have a home run! He understands now that the way out is through his stomach, and he is really making an effort.

Mellie got back OK and the girls and Glenn were glad to see her - they also liked Fred and Ethel. Thank goodness she was here just before we turned the corner - when I really needed her. I think we are good to go now. Did I tell you we are leaving the cardiac floor today - going back to 10 North at Montefiore - GI recovery. Just before Dr. Gamblin left, I asked him when does he think? Monday? (remember , Dr. Yu said Sunday yesterday and I almost collapsed). He said "let's evaluate it again on Monday and see." So I don't know - but - barring anything else going wrong, I think it is fairly close - just don't know where to.

I am thankful to God for carrying us through this far, and ask him to take us all the way - back to Endicott safely. I know that he heard all of your prayers , and am so grateful that Butch and I have so many people thinking of him, and praying for him. It has really been good for me to have this blog - I am really a long way from home, and the blog has helped me to not be quite so lonely.


Carolyn said...

Joyce...ask my brother if I should make a tee time for next week... ;)

Thanks for the pictures of Butch....things are finally looking up!

MellieD1974 said...

It is so nice to see him outside. I am glad to see that, and am a bit envious too, wish I stayed the weekend. Love you both and keep up the prayers and good work!!!

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